Photozone reviews 50/1.8 and 30/3.5

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Re: wow, does not look good for the macro

viking79 wrote:

Franka T.L. wrote:

I am amazed that a fix focal of standard coverage and of f/3.5 can be so well, ho hum ( for a Macro lens ). that 2.4 pixel width CA , even on the 24MP NEX-7 is still pretty heavy , one pay for the price for a macro for iuts performance, and it look like the macro here is having a bit of problem delivering ...

I tried to say this last year on my blog, but got generally negative comments that it was the best lens, etc Oh well.

It is a nice lens, nice for closeups, but doesn't really fit the bill of true macro (i.e. flat field for reproduction work and corrected for aberrations). I do like the bokeh for a 30mm lens, and it is very sharp in the center.

The issue is people have been told that 1:1 is a true macro lens by all the sales people, but a true macro lens doesn't have a particular magnification, it is corrected for close focus, minimal CA, minimal distortion, etc.


I think for specailty macro I wouldn't get that lens. I would sooner shoot MF for macro, AF is not that important.......IMO.

All the best.

m4/3 macro

m4/3 feathered flying gadgets

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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