Would you buy a D700 today and at what price?

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Re: Would you buy a D700 today and at what price?

In my haste and lazyness I wrote "pay," but meant "spend." Yes it's all semantic but let me elaborate. I hate to explain myself because it's means I'm not expressing myself effectively, but in this case I think it warrants amending.

these are the things that factor into my decision
adaptability with my Nikon gears (already have a D700)
scalability(expand my equiptments)
manageable work flow
predictability/reliable performance
complexity(or lack of)

The D800 is a no brainer; already factored into next years budget.

I was looking into a backup camera with a different approach to my photography and had thought about getting a new camera (has an X in it's designation) system which led me to this cost study. Given the price of this newly announced system (with the X in it's designation, hint, hint) I wanted to see if it was cost effective to add this to my set-up.

Needing something to compare it to I also made an analysis of the D700.

There were added value to what "I" would "pay" for the D700 as listed above. Additional cost of new lenses for the other camera plus back-up lens (I build a contingency to all my equipment in case of failure, can't afford delays-the stress level is more manageable this way) that was factored into a 4-year-plan. This added to the value of adaptability to the D700 cause I can share my existing lenses with a new back-up D700 and future D800 (not interested in the D4's form factor).

Scalable because the money saved on the lens for the other camera can go toward lighting, tripod, etc(more value added).

Being 'only' 12MB, not 16MB or 36MB, I can continue to manage my workflow and farm out my workload if the 36MB becomes a bottleneck. Same goes for frame-rate and sorting-out/archiving my work (cost-saving).

I can cycle in the new D700 and use the current one as my main work horse for scouting location since the DR/ISO results that are coming in on the D800 are very similar to the D700-- therefore i can also glean EV and different focal lengths for my intended pictures. This adds to performance and reliability.

And the 'Info' button adds to the usability of the menus of this complex tool.

This is a COST analysis, so the budget was already there to be spent. I had offered $2195.32 for a demo D700 that was only for display, an MB-d10 grip and two extra EnEL3e two days after the new price announcement. The guys at the store was pleasant enough when i was asking for the items, but turned down right angry when i mentioned the price drop and offered my reasonable priceand asked me to leave(won't be going back there). Although $2199 is the current price, there is a chance that demand might bring it upwards of $2400. I looking to spend upto $2824.15 (NOW to 6 months), which includes accessories if I can. Does this sound more feasible? I think the better question would have been "why such a huge discrepancy of $628.83" and the answer to that would be roughly the price of SB910. which i already blew by buying two SB800 instead and a Quantum Turbo SC : )

all the best

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