S45 vs G3 decision - help please

Started Jan 2, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: S45 vs G3 decision - help please

Geez your game. When I suggested excatly that I got well and truly slammed. Maybe some don't know how to search or just too lazy?

gudels1 wrote:
thread / questions like this have been beaten to death.
you ought to use the "search" so we dont clutter the forum.

pavinder wrote:


I already have a D30 as my first camera, but am often not taking
photographs simply because the camera is so heavy and big to lug
around all the time.

I've seen both the G3 and S45 which both appear to solve this
issue, but can't see any direct comparisons in previous posts. I
simply need something with manual everything (as both seem to have)
and one which is effortless to use.

I do not need an external hotshoe or other lenses, movie mode will
be useful, but I'm finding it very hard to choose between the two

Does anyone have experience of using both cameras, and discovered
anything that may not been revealed on a spec. sheet, for example
hard-to-access menus, metering difficulties, etc.?



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