OM-d vs D7000

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John King
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A right proper pair of fools - Joe & Josef

Great Bustard wrote:

John King wrote:

While I have also taken portraits with a very wide variety of lenses and FLs,

Let's see them.

I keep on telling you that I don't post images for trolls by order of said troll.

Which means that you can not. Therefore ..

No, Fool.
"Will not" does not mean "cannot".

In your case, it does. It always does.

Except to someone whose 'day job' is to troll this forum ...

Funny to hear that coming from you:

I'm a bit miffed that I was left out, to tell the truth.

Or perhaps to someone who is mentally defective?

There's no "perhaps" about it in your case.

I was going to write a blistering exposé of what an inane fool you are and of your BS here, but I see that you have already exposed yourself.

Booked in to see your Psychiatrist yet Joe?

olyflyer wrote:

It's my turn to post #152.

I am not even going to discuss the above with you because you have no proof and no clue about what you have written, just posting your fanboyish rubbish over and over. You are so full of hate and confused. Who is trolling here if not you?

You are right off the planet, Sifek, just like your trolling buddies, the sisterhood of clownshoes ... YOU are the one who is full of malice and hatred here, not me. MY life is far too short for that.

Leaving aside completely the fact that I have never written a bad word about the D300 (or D300s, or D700, or D7000 - seeing as how you are so absolute and literal minded that you do not appear to be even able to understand simple English, let alone generalise any statement made ... ).

Your consistent behaviour here since you jumped ship for reasons that are perhaps perfectly valid for you has been to trash Olympus gear and wax lyrical about how much better your new love, Nikon, is - even to the exclusion of reality while doing so (a caveat here; you are so confused about most things that you may not even be capable of making decisions even when the only person effected by those decisions is yourself ... )

AND: Just BTW, I note that two of the more vocal posters on this forum on the subject of how it is somehow wrong (etc, etc ... ) to make any post after the 150th post in a thread, have come in here with post numbers 151 (Joe James, aka Big Bird from Sesame Street) and 152 (Josef Sifek, aka idiot ... ).

How peculiar that it is OK for them (the self-righteous, highly vocal minority here) to do this; but it is somehow a hanging offence for me, or any other genuine forum regular to do it.

That is a joke.
And they are a joke also.


And just in case you are wondering why this has taken me so long to post this reply here, I have been very ill for several days. Now you lot can make light of that fact; and make sport of it; and deny that it is the truth; as you always do.

BUT THEN you lot wouldn't recognise the truth if it leapt out from under your own bed and bit you on the leg.

I note that the great determiner of all that is right and holy has gone MIA.

How strange that those who are the most self-righteous, pompous and sanctimonious seem to think that it's OK for them to be nasty and vicious when they are criticising those with whom they disagree for behaviour that is only occurring in the fervid imagination ...

[end edit]

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