With $16,000.00, what would YOU buy?

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Re: Where Would You Ask the Question???

I think Bob's question here has already helped many others here with similar
questions. I have the same question with a smaller budget.

I think most gave excellent suggestions. I would not spend all the money at
once. I'd buy just one body and one lens to start and spend the rest gradually.

I like portraits best. So for me, D800 and 85 1.4 to start and keep researching.

Thanks for asking Bob.

marcio_napoli wrote:

Hi Bob

Sorry again for my harsh tone, but my point is that if you're about to spend all that money on gear, it should be already second nature to you.

Read reviews, gather as much info as you can, filter all that info, filer again and again, and draw conclusions.

By the time you're done, you should be able to make your own list, customized for your own shooting style, without the need of stranger's advices (which is misleading, to say the least).

I mean, sorry for the harsh tone, but there's truth in my post.

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Marcio Napoli

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