Tablet to Replace PC?

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Guy Parsons
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Not now

Replying again to this thread after a day away, the current state of the market is.....

Tablet for play, PC for work.

As an aside, yesterday I was an sunny day on Sydney harbour on a ferry trip to/from Manly with all the usual tourists making the trip. As the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House plus city come into view all the tourists come to the front of the ferry to hold their little cameras up to snap away.

A couple of DSLRs, but one had an iPad and was holding that up as a camera and snapping away. Boy how cumbersome and view blocking for others was that act, plus of course the screen was washed out by the sunlight so was just as useless as any washed out LCD on any camera. A toy used badly in this case.

One day the tablet style may evolve to something useful to more than a few people but remember that the industry is driven by what is cheap to make more than is driven by what we really need, and hopefully (for the makers) to keep adding features all the time so we suckers have to churn our toys regularly to buy the next wave of improvements. So these things must be both cheap to make and to be made to be upgraded more often. It's all geared to the manufacturer's bottom line and not for what is really needed in this world.

Anyway, isn't it Dec 21st or some date like that this year (plus/minus 60 days due to long term inaccuracies in the calendar) that the Mayan calendar runs out and the world ends? So why worry?

Regards........... Guy

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