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Re: 135 1.8G Patent

azoele wrote:

I'd be among the firsts in line to buy one

As much as I love the 105DC, I hate its autofocus. My copy is very good at F2, and very, very sharp at F2.8, but focusing it is hard. The 2 D700 I own need +20, and it's not nearly enough (they focus perfectly fine every other lens), while the D3s gets away with +15.
But if a 135 comes out with AFS and 1.8, I'll buy it in a heartbeat.


Same here! +20 for me, and I wish my body did +25 or so to really get it right. F2 is sharp, images really pop especially on the D3S.

but I'd love a new 135 f1.8! (especially if it was priced like the 50mm lol )

Honestly, I never use the DC feature, mostly because it shifts your focus point (even if you refocus after adjustment). And since I'm already on +20, when I want the background more blurry I lose critical focus. I can deflocus the forground, so that has some value, but again, since AF shifts, I still find it loses usefulness.

Actually, I do use it sometimes though, but mainly at F4, since the increased depth of field, offsets the AF shift that occurs. but I never use the defocus control at F2 or even F2.8.

So I wouldn't really miss the defocus control on a lens like that that much. Less things to go wrong

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