Sensor Cleaning at Dodds in Ohio is $99.99 - WTF

Started Mar 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
Eric Jon Job
Eric Jon Job Regular Member • Posts: 309
Sensor Brush

How is the expensive Arctic Butterfly 724? Can the same results be acheived in other ways?

Eric Jon Job wrote:
Good timing for this post.

I am now cleaning my newly aquired used D700 for the first time. It is going OK, although I feel like I'm shuffling the dust around. I've got a rocket blower, type 3 Sensor Swabs, and Eclipse fluid. I can see that, if a static charged brush works (as I've read about), that targeting certain spots would help greatly. So far, about 30 minutes into it. Already left some streaks, but figured out how to get rid of them on the third pass. Just have some dust appearing in the bottom of my test photo (which means it is at the top of the sensor, right?)

Dan Desjardins wrote:

Really? $100 for a sensor cleaning? That seems like gouging to me.

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