Weddings and RAW Files for Clients

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This is incorrect. Most pros have actually said yes to providing RAW files in a various quantities and only one of those wanted to charge extra. The better photograhers had some flexibility and were able to express their concerns about providing them and tended to want a good explanation of my intentions before agreeing to the files.

It turns out that the two photographers that told me no RAW files with no explanation also were not as good as the rest I talked to. Their pictures were clearly not as good and they seemed much less proficient with both their gear and Photoshop.

Finally, it the younger photographers were willing to give out as many RAW files as I wanted with no resistance.

So, I'd guess that more pros are going to be willing to give out RAW files in greater quantities as time goes on.

DUMB4SS wrote:

illustrate nicely the potential disconnect between the public and the photographer?

Especially when it is a photographer who is unable to accept that all of the pro's have said NO to his unreasonable request.
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