My first FF camera, SLRn - sample cat photo

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Re: My first FF camera, SLRn - sample cat photo

Hello Anthony,

Welcome to the club. Nice to see another person joining. I'm sure you will not regret your purchase as your first images already look quite wonderful.

I've never used the fire-wire connection so can't comment on that question. The firmware I've running on my camera is 5.4.9. As far as my knowledge goes this is the latest and last firmware for the DCS PRO but it is a non official release. I've used it for 5 years already and it works without a flaw.

If you want to get it as well (I only have the SLR/c version) search for Nigel (the signatory) on this forum or follow this link:



anthony mazzeri wrote:

Hi all, I think in these past few weeks I must have read through every post on this forum's 133 pages going back to 2002, and you know what they say about things being on the internet forever - just isn't true! So many missing images no longer there and links no longer working to websites no longer in existence.

Anyhow, I've just picked up an SLRn on ebay as my first foray into full frame. It's in pretty good condition apart from the rear rubber grip has come off (I've decided to just leave it off and not try to glue it back on). Firmware is 5.4.1. Aperture 3 works with DCRs, but I've decided to go with AfterShot Pro instead.

Quick question - I take it the firewire connection is only for tethering and not transferring?

I'm really impressed with this camera so far. In hindsight now, I should probably have gotten this one instead of another DX in the form of the D7000 last year. I'm really enjoying the very shallow depth of field, and also that 85mm is no longer a telephoto and 24mm is actually wideangle!

And the image quality is great too. Better than the D7000 in my opinion. So in the long forum tradition of testing a new camera/lens out on the nearest thing at hand, here is my sample cat snapshots. And a couple others too. The frst three are with the 85mm F1.4 and the two poultry ones are 50mm F1.4.

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