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bobn2 wrote:

There are lots of threads demanding a new D700. This thread isn't about whether or not that's what you want, it's trying to discover whether it would be worth Nikon's while. So, three questions.

1. Nikon's new FX range is D4 and D800(E). Do you intend buying either of these (or both or more than one)? Please be honest, window shopping doesn't count.

Yes, D800

2. If Nikon introduced a D800H, D800 with D4 sensor and 6FPS (8 with grip), otherwise as D800, for a list price of $3000, would you buy this? If so, and you had intended buying a D4 or D800, would you buy the D800H instead or as well?


3. If Nikon introduced a D600, FX version of D7000 with D4 sensor, 6FPS (max, no speedup with grip), 97% VF, for a list price of $2400, would you buy this? If so, and you had intended buying a D4, D800 or D800H, would you buy the D600 instead or as well?

No, I'll always want a second FX body for events and such (not my preferred jobs, but necessary) and for really dusty dirty work, but a D7000-type body wouldn't allow for much use of my PC lenses when I need an actual backup. I'll stick with the D700 for this work, maybe even get a second one if prices were to be driven down by such a similar and inexpensive body.

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