5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Re: 5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

If man was meant to fly he'd have been given wings !
22.3 miles an hour is crazy fast enough for these horseless carriages !
Noooo, we don't need a wet plate that big, Mr. Brady !


Wow, amazing how wildly emotional some of these forum responses are to your calm and reasoned comments on the MK III !!
(It's only a camera after all)

Faggettabout all the how much $ someone can make, and how 22MP is just peachy for me --oooh, I'm scared of any more, and that you Hondo, are being crazy, naive, and demanding to ever even dream of wanting any more --
TIME,TECH AND SPEC MARCHES ON, PEOPLE ! (trademark that for me, Colbert)

Over three years later (the late jurassic in tech years), with ALL the parameters of sensor technology advancing, and this year in particular as an order of magnitude year (even so far) for said advances--and what does Canon do for a followup to its flagship (and deservedly lauded) MkII, which if you remember was THE ORIGINAL cam that "broke the bank" on MP's when it was introduced ?!?!?!

Wait for it, wait for it, (and we did !) drum roll please:

Is that the sound of crickets I'm hearing ?

Now of course, MP count is not everything, and CERTAINLY not the be all and end all in producing image quality, and yes, if overdone, can even lower said quality,
BUT it is an essential foundational something !
And a 22MP FF sensor image is hardly in the danger zone.

Reality Check: Some people are always content with less, but in general, and not just landscapers, people will want and USE more MP's in future than the MKIII can deliver.
It's already behind before it's out of the gate.

Not everyone does just one type of photography all the time. Most people do some of this and some of that. Some landscape, some travel, some macro (eg.give me more mp's !), some portraits, some . . . fill in the blank.

Remember, 2012 is just the INTRO date, the starting point for this cam, it will likely be in production til 2015 !!

Literally, and NOW IRONICALLY, the great 5DMKII defined the modern paradigm of high megapixel count synergistically linked to high quality.
And like all successful flagships, it buoyed Canon's Rep. and overall sales.

Not that the MKIII is not a great camera, it appears to be, but in a tech-race world with tough competition at your throat (e.g. Nikon, and soon up and coming Sony FF) Canon has now, with the MKIII, redefined the very essence and reason for that success of the fabled MKII, DOWNWARD.

At $500 more, and with 40% fewer pixels than its closest rival, D800, I believe that unlike the out of the park home run of the MKII, the MKIII will not only prove to be a DUD for landscape photographers like Hondo, but will be a MARKETING DUD !

My overall reaction to the 5DMKIII is, and I believe the market's will be:

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