Need some basic advice on LR 4 & NX2

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Re: A Shorter Answer

You've gotten some ling and very good answers. Let me, if I can, give what I think is the heart of the matter.

LR (any version) and NX2 cannot see the results you produce in the other, unless you convert the file to TIFF. So you lose the advantage of non-destructive RAW editing if you want to use both programs on the same image.

'Plug-ins' for LR really aren't. You have to finish what you're doing in LR, then save to TIFF and open. say. the Nik Color Efex Pro filters as an external editor. In NX2, the CEP filters are available as part of the regular editing process, just as any other adjustment. If you do want to use CEP 4 with NX2, you can do so in exactly the same way as from LR: Save as TIFF and call them as an external editor.

Finally, and this is a personal matter, I find the editing in NX2 much more intuitive than in LR. In NX2, you work within an editing step until you get the results you want, then save the results. Also, you can go back and redo or delete any step. In LR, literally each movement of a slider creates new step in the history, so you quickly have an incredibly long list of adjustments that you've made. For me, I get quite confused then as to what I've done where and what I may need to further change to get a desired result.

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