would you swop a X10 for a Lx3..

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Re: would you swop a X10 for a Lx3..

aeneon wrote:

trevor white wrote:

Silent Oracle wrote:

I'm going to purchase the LX5; can't wait on Fuji to get their ducks in a row forever.


I bought the LX5 as a replacement to my older (and broken) LX3, but, found I far preferred the images I got from the 3, as well as the easier joystick controller. Somehow, the LX5 didn't seem to produce quite as good a Jpeg as LX3.

I sold it and bought another used LX3. Never regretted it either.

I'll buy an X10 if the sensor is well and truly sorted and proven to be effective. Nearly everyone who has both the LX3/5 and the X10 seems to be of the opinion that the X10 floors the LX's at higher ISO's. That, along with the better reach and great controls make the X10 very appealing.

Here's hoping they get it right when the sensor is up and running.

I've had both the LX3 and LX5 , got to say i prefer the LX5 over the 3 . IQ is on a par but the 5's WB is much better with firmware 2.0 applied. I dont shoot jpeg with it though . RAW and Lightroom . Also the thumb wheel is better for me than the fiddly joystick . Also add less noise in higher ISO. But hey each to their own

aeneon, I'm going for the LX5 and would also prefer the wheel.

Trevor, even so - thank you for sharing your experience.

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