SB-700 big enough for church?

Started Mar 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
Joe Demb Regular Member • Posts: 326
Re: SB-700 big enough for church?

My advice to you is to invest in a 13 foot light stand. You will never regret it. With a second light on a high stand for your main light, you can get it much closer to the group than your own camera position. For instance, you may be back 25 feet, but your main light off to the left or right may be at 15 feet. That is a tremendous lighting advantage, especially if you are using modifiers on your flashes. The height of that flash will also throw light way back, improving the look of your background. You can use the flash on your camera as a fill light and adjust its power to create any lighting ratio which pleases you. I used to carry my 13 footer and flash all set up in a rolling golf bag carrier. I would get it out, turn it on, extend the length of the stand & shoot. Really quick, plus that bag would carry everything I needed for the job & I didn't have to carry it. Just roll it in and roll it out.

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