Which lens for 0.625 magnification when reversed?

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Re: Which lens for 0.625 magnification when reversed?

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I am setting up a rig to photograph slides and negatives. Using a Canon 1.6 crop body I need to achieve around 0.625 magnification to get a 35mm slide to fill the frame.

Just looking at a few ways to do it and it seems that a reversing ring is the simplest and cheapest method to achieve this.

Question - Can anyone suggest a Canon lens that will offer around my required magnification when reversed?

The 50/1.8 will give slightly better optical quality when reversed when used below its minimum focussing distance of 0.45m. However it will not be easy to use reversed as the lens will remain at its full aperture of f1.8 unless you invest in something like the Novoflex reversing ring with electronic coupling, which is expensive. There is a bodge of setting the aperture with the lens dismounted and then re-attaching it but frankly this would not be practical if copying a large number of slides.

Thanks for the input. I'm not sure why this highlighted point keeps being mentioned because it is very easy to stop the lens down then remove it from the camera.

Well I suppose it could be a factor if you need to check focus at full aperture but take the shot at say f8 in order to ensure the centre and the edges of your slide are in focus. And if you are copying a series of slides the stop down / remove from the camera procedure could become very tedious indeed.

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