Got my hands on the X-Pro1 + 18mm/35mm/60mm

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Re: X-Pro 1

I find it particularly annoying on the first day. It's quite active and I think that thing would be a major battery drainer. It's very stupid.

But after 1 week of playing around with it, I kind of grow used to it and it occurs quite a lot if you use the 35mm lens. 18mm seems to fair slightly better. I didn't use much of the 60mm to notice any difference.

I am not sure why they have to keep changing the aperture so much, perhaps that will result in premature aperture wear and tear, so we will be 'invited' to make new purchase on lens. NICE ONE FUJI. hahahha

MPA1 wrote:

Can anyone who has used one comment on the chattering aperture blade syndrome reported in the OP and other reviews?

Just how much of an issue is it? It seems a very stupid thing to allow in a camera like this one that offers so many benefits for quiet, discrete use.

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