Am I the only one who's much more angered by low iso banding then lack of megapixels?

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Sdaniella Regular Member • Posts: 428
basically folks are pushing HDR effects to get 'banding' as well as choosing...

basically folks are pushing HDR effects to get 'banding' as well as choosing...
the wrong ISOs to do it

as well as pushing shadows for details easily capture at higher ISOs cleaner

but struggle with retaining highlight details from clipping at higher ISOs
really, the same issue but the other side of the coin, that's all.

and since most don't know that contrast/highlight/DR/ETTR can be previewed live with ExpSim LV, they could easily avoid over-exposing in ANY scenario (one cannot expect extreme contrast scenarios to look non-contrasty (it would be unreal anyway))

as the following shows... a very unreal non-shadow shadow... what's that all about?

excessive pp, that's all. this isn't any different from the bizarre unnatural look when HDR is pushed to the extreme end on a parameter adjustment 'slider'. (same effect)

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