Why would Oly not want to release firmware updates...

Started Mar 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why would Oly not want to release firmware updates...

Nibb31 wrote:

The XZ-1 is less than a year old. Its replacement won't be announced before this summer.

Ok, didn't know that. It was only after reading your comments here that I realised RB's review dated Jan 2011 was on a pre production unit.

There have been 4 firmware updates since its launch, which is quite good actually. There aren't many glaring bugs in the firmware, so any firmware updates now would be changes in handling or feature improvements. Historically, many manufacturers are uncomfortable adding new features to an existing product because they would rather save those new features for the next model, which makes sense from a business perspective.

my bad, had actually meant FW that will address performance and handling issues on most XZ-1 owner's wishlist

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