NX200 (1 image-AEB)

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Re: NX200 (1 last image-AEB) and speed. Tony .....

Tech Talk Tony wrote:

Good question. In good light, fast enough to handhold, as the three images here show. If the camera settings demanded more longer exposure, a tripod would be way to go to maximize sharpness.

Very nice Tony, I like your take on these images. But woulldn't it have been better to shoot just the ONE image in RAW, then process it as the three different exposure values in p.p? That would eliminate the need for a tripod, as there shouldn't be any camera movement for just the one, original shot. Anyway, I do like your efforts at processing these, especially the second one. Thanks for sharing them with us. Allan

Chesterfield wrote:

hi - how quickly can the camera take 3 shots in AEB mode?

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Regards Allan

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