Continuation of full frame/pro discussion.....

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Re: Continuation of full frame/pro discussion.....

Things are produced because there's a demand in the market at the time of its launch. Market is driven by consumer behaviour which is not a simple Yes/No answer. In 2009, Canon saw the difference between 5D & 7D in their speed of AF & Frame/sec VS FF image quality not their size. There's not a system with size advantage in 2009 as M43 was a new system. After the success of M43 where size is the selling point, every manufacturer (except Canon) has their own mirrorless system by now. We are not seeing the successor of Canon 7D or Nikon D300S because you already have the answer. It actually makes more sense to keep producing 5D2 and D700 at current street price because those NEX7 or Fuji X-Pro 1 doesn't make any sense to me at there current price.

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