Spyder4 Pro; Luminance setting and measurement

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Re: Spyder4 Pro; Luminance setting and measurement

chevysales wrote:

Robert Schoner wrote:

chevysales wrote:

"I have a new Spyder4 Pro and have seen some recent threads about measuring and setting luminance in "real time" vs waiting for calibration to finish and then resetting brightness and re-calibrating again until you get it where you want. "

honestly who would do that just seems absurd someone would do that...unless they never read the manual or the help screens that accompany color management software from datacolor or xrite...


Go here:

I think he thought that you had to complete the entire calibration before you could change the luminance.

As far as the manual, I think it was written for the Elite and it is not always clear (at least to me) when something does not apply to the Pro model. I never thought to watch the video tutorials for the Spyder3 as you suggested; I will do that soon.

Bob Schoner

oh got it..newsy is quite up on monitors and i was suprised he was asking that there is also a yahoo group for datacolor that some of the engineers answer questions, etc...

i also misunderstood what it was he was looking for via above question so thanks for the clarification.

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Yes, I was quite confused due some information several Spyder 3 Pro users provided shortly after that model was first introduced and assuming the Spyder 4 Pro was just a rehash of the S3 Pro software. I'm not sure now if what they told me was correct.

However, I'm much relieved for the clarification Robert provided and especially that screen shot. That post is bookmarked. Thanks!

I just try to guide people to information so that they can absorb it and make their own decision on what is good for their own use. I really don't want to mis-inform people and am not happy I may have done that.


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