E-M5 Lens dilemma

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Re: E-M5 Lens dilemma

IcyVeins wrote:

I would sell it. Most shots taken at 14mm will look better at 12mm

WHAT?? Will most shots taken at 12mm look better at 10mm?

That has to be one of the craziest blanket statements I've ever read on this forum.

There is no magic focal length. I personally prefer 14mm (28mm 'full frame' equivalent) to 12mm. Of course with the 12-50 you can also use 14mm, but that wasn't your point.

Sometimes I wonder how many people on this forum are paid shills.

From my point of view about the only reason to get the 12-50mm is maybe for the full weather sealed combo. Otherwise I think the money is better spent elsewhere. The 12-50 appears to have mediocre image quality where other primes or perhaps future zooms will do better.


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