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D700 user here - pop up flash?

I've used D700 for over a year, and I never once used the pop-up flash for fill flash or any kind of on-camera flash. For one thing, the big zoom lenses I have on there cause an ugly shadow.

Same with the D300. Haven't used popup flash there for years.

BUT - I used the pop-up many times as a flash controller, setting power manually or via TTL to my SB900 and SB800 speedlites.

That is, until very recently, when I purchased a pair of pocket wizards and a mini TT1 and AC3 controller.

How much did that pop-up flash save me? Let's see the alternatives. (I assume Canon users have similar alternatives)

1. SU800 infrared controller, about $200. Of course I'd have to carry it with me and it's not that small on camera.

2. Another SB900 ($500) or SB800 (hard to find, $350-400). Seems like a total waste to stick an expensive flash on top of a camera just to trigger the remote flashes.

3. A set of radio remotes, like the PW's I finally bought, for about $500. Nice to have radio control and not have to worry about line of sight. Except for the very high price, that new Canon speedlite sounds pretty nice for Canon shooters. Too bad the controller isn't built into any Canon bodies.

If I need quick and dirty on-camera flash, I'm putting my SB900 on there, and trying to bounce it.

There is no drawback to me to have a pop-up flash built into my cameras. Trying to describe it as such is probably just a made-up argument trying to diss a Nikon, or total misunderstanding of how it is used and useful.

I did add one gizmo to make that flash more useable. A $15 SG-IR3, which is a little plastic filter that filters out most of the (very weak, but still visible) light while allowing the infrared signals to the remote flashes. (Gets rid of catchlights in the eyes and flash reflections in mirrors).

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