Would you buy a D700 today and at what price?

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Try the D800 first

I have a D700, and I am going to keep it. However, I am going to try the D800. If it doesn't work out for me I will sell it.

In your case there is no current investment, so why not try the new model first? If you don't like it I'm sure you can get most of your money back. You could then buy a D700 and a lens with the proceeds.

If you get the D700 now you are going to wonder, no matter how much you like the D700. I love the thing, and that is why I am keeping it. But it is possible the D800 can be great for you. There will be all kinds of amazing D800 images on the web, even though you and I might not be able to get great images from it. Still, you will wonder. It is supposed to have better AF, better metering, better build, and a more durable shutter. I don't know if all that is true, but it probably is.

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