Continuation of full frame/pro discussion.....

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Continuation of full frame/pro discussion.....

ccd wrote

I think people equate the word pro with universal excellence. There are varying degrees of pros in every field of is no different. Even if we are defining pro as being someone who makes their primary living this case photography.....does not mean they are that much better at it than many advanced amateurs for example. And just because someone is a pro does not mean they absolutely need a particular "system"......rather they need something that fits what they are doing.

That being said, there is a certain credibility to those who are able to make their living from photography. My point is that often it is a niche situation. That person may have more or less cornered the market in their particular geographic area, and perhaps are more adept at promoting themselves than being a great photographer.

I know someone who is a professional photographer who sells prints of various types.....mainly sports photography for the local schools, rec leagues, etc. He has full frame and is always lamenting about how cumbersome it is to wield. He finds himself often leaving it behind accordingly. This point was driven home even more when I was helping him take shots for the school soccer teams. I was using a K-r and delivering consistently excellent results with a much easier setup to use and carry around. And it wasn't just the camera that was performing. I was able to hold my own just from being such an enthusiast......without the "pro" moniker.

awaldram wrote

You make a valid point but your reference is skewed.

The Kr/Kx are entry level dlsr and have relatively slow processing engines, As soon as the ISO goes up and the body starts bit shifting to reduce noise performance will plummet.

This is true for all Pentax cameras and is afaic only downside of "RAW nr".

It s not a problem of aps-c but Pentax's chosen noise control strategy which delivers best in class but does slow the camera.

If Pentax produced a FF camera there is no reason to suppose Pentax would alter this strategy.

Therefore a Pentax FF would also slow down when it started bit shifting just as the Kr/Kx does.

So is a mute point in any call to arms for FF

steelski wrote


the definitive answer.
end thread

First, this is not the "definitive answer". It's a series of points followed by a subjective blanket that I think is faulty as it relates to my general point. And those points actually bolster my contention about having too much reverence for the term "pro" well as the notion that one must have a full frame to be a pro.

What awaldram achieved with his (albeit accurate) comments was to take an isolated example and isolate it even more. The example of the soccer pics was ONE point of reference amongst a host of others. It was simply to illustrate the sufficient capabilities of not only an "amateur" with a lot of photography skills, but the tool they might use to demonstrate those capabilities.....for a whole lot less money.

And the general idea of my example was to convey that a professional using a full frame camera does not a great photographer make. Instead that general idea was dissected to fit the specific argument of the limitations of certain kinds of cameras. And my overriding point was to suggest that someone with an entry level, aps, or even....yes, a Pentax....can achieve "professional" results in a variety of ways (even within the limitations of varying degree).

Look. You can think what you want, and anyone on this forum can agree or disagree. I just think it's a good quality to have an open enough mind to consider the gray areas of situations where there might be overlapping areas of comparable usage (which are far and away more prevalent than those that are distinguished). Instead, all too often there seems to be a pervasive desire to quantify and view things like this in black and white (no pun intended!).

All that being said, I recognize that awaldram did state that he was addressing the reference as being skewed.....and that the point was valid. So perhaps I could have chosen a better example. Hopefully it was clarified that the general theme still stands regardless, and that it's not always about what tool you use.....but knowing what you have and using it in the myriad of situations where limitations are a "moot" point.

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