Would you buy a D700 today and at what price?

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Re: Would you buy a D700 today and at what price?

Did a cost analysis on MY need of a D700 as a backup camera before the price drop, as well as cost effectiveness for the next 5 years.

I won't bore you w/details.

I was willing to buy the D700 at $2195.32 and pay up to $2824.15.

The cost of FX sensor over DX has actually gone up compared to when it was first release(from D90) @ around 2008 ($1800 in 2008, compared to $1870.02 in 2012) due to the drop in price of the D90 and before the D700 price drop of recent. I'd still pay $2195.32 to $2824.15 for the D700-effective now to next six months even if there are further price drops.

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