Would you buy a D700 today and at what price?

Started Mar 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
Toccata47 Senior Member • Posts: 2,800
Entry price vs resale

The d700 is still good enough for pro use and will remain so. The d800's arrival does little to diminish the d700's strengths (speed, iso, etc).

The upside to picking up a d700 now- great all around quality at a great price.
The downside-resale rates won't hold.

If the used d800 market is anything like how it was for the d700, it may retain roughly 70% of it's value after 4 years, bringing actual cost of ownership to a pretty low level when compared to a crop sensor camera. Big caveat, no one knows what the future holds and increase pressure (if it exists) on ff markets could bring lower cost ff cameras in the interim.

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