Worlds largest camera

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Re: Also Been there done that.

rjjr & Roger, I also used a Robertson back in the 70's making 4-color separations. In the 80's we bought a "state of the art" process camera. It was made in Japan and called a "Screen" In 1997 I bought a Betterlight 4x5 scan back and I converted the Screen process camera to mount the 4x5 on one end, and I mounted art on the copy board. It worked perfect for 15 years. Alan

rjjr wrote:

Roger99 wrote:

Used to use a camera that size in a graphic repro company that I worked for pre-digital. It to took two rooms, 1 for bellows mechanism and 1 for stock loading but wasn't exactly portable with a hefty steel track framework bolted down.

Mine was a Robertson 500 Process Camera.

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