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Compare to D4 too to check lights and DXOmark please

The D4 just like the 5DmkIII has the light seemingly less powerful at upper right, still one can see the same exposure imbalance versus the 5DmkIII. Exactly the same as with the D800 samples. I can also grab sections of the image where the 5DmkIII seemingly had much stronger lights than both Nikons. A mm difference in the field of view can play tricks with reflections, although the overall lights did not change.

I guess we will have to wait till someone determines it a bit more scientific, but it would not be the first time Canon somewhat overrated the ISO. Compare for instance the DXOmarks of the 5DmkII with the D800 related D7000. The difference is exactly what you see in these samples too for the 5DmkIII vs D800


Look at the reflections of the lights. The upper-right light is not nearly as powerful in the 5D Mk III shots. You can see differences in the shadows as well. Clearly that's a testing issue, and doesn't show anything meaningful about the sensitivity of the cameras in respect to each other.

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