Would you buy a D700 today and at what price?

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Re: Would you buy a D700 today and at what price?

mukNY, the D700 is still a completely relevant camera.

I understand that some people feel that only the newest and best will do, but the D700 is still an incredibly capable and high quality piece of gear.

Your decision should be made from your needs. What's the biggest you've ever printed? How big do you normally print? Do you print at all. I believe the D800 is a printer's camera, so to speak, although it has advantages for others as well. Do you need good quality extra high ISO?
These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

I strongly believe that the D700 will still be relevant for at least another couple of years especially at the price it's at now. I'm thinking of picking one up to replace my backup body, the D300.

It's also good you're thinking of resale value. However, if you can pick up a good deal on a D700, those will likely still retain their value for a good amount of time.

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