Subway Passing

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Re: Subway Passing

Mentor, the train I was on was going 40 or 50 mph, and the passing train was going 40 or 50 mph the other way. My goal was to capture a person or people on the other train. Look at the silhouette of the man in the other train. Study it for a moment and write back as a "Mentor" and let me know what you think. Thanks, Alan

Mentor_1 wrote:

I'm afraid I just don't understand this pic. Just what is it about? What is the point? An explanation of what you may have been trying to achieve would be helpful even though it appears nothing has been achieved here.

If I sound a little harsh it's because I am as I grow tired of people posting absolutely meaningless and poorly done photos. We all need to think about what we post and not just throw up anything at all.
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