Poll: which FX - results

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Re: Poll: which FX - results

I suspect if you had included the D700 as a continuing model which seems to be Nikons intention that Nikons current strategy would have done even better.

What this all demonstrates is that the current strategy is very close to optimal from a profit point of view. In fact once you allow for forums tending to have a fussier user base than the general population Nikons current strategy makes even better sense.

I suspect Nikon may launch one more FX body, probably a lower resolution, relatively inexpensive option but with other compromises e.g FPS not quite as high as D4, AF and noise not as quite as good as D4/D800. Maybe even a D700 with video and some other refinements, as essentially people seem to want a D700 replacement.

However I imagine there will be a gap of 1-2 years so as not to cannibalize sales of the D800 and D4.

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