Pixel peep the a77 against the Nikon D4

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Same old empty statements.

phiri wrote:

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Studio samples are up now here for the D4. I just spent a few minutes comparing the a77 against the D4, Canon 5DMkII and the 7D. Raw comparisons are not favorable for the a77, due to known noise issues, but at least up to 1600 iso and jpg, the a77 is only bettered by the D4. For $4600 less, I'm ok with that...

Gonna go to higher ISO's and compare to the D7000 as well as other cameras.

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Even at ISO 100, I think the D4 edges ahead the A77. But then again it would have been a shame not to be that case considering the difference in prices. I have been playing around there comparing different cameras but I think the a77 has noise issues even at base in raw compared to others. It would have been helpful to see how it performs when downsized to the resolution of the other cameras

Typical Phiri nonsense.

Yes, typical Troj.

Why did you stop using your new account?

I just stated what I saw on the comparison chart on my calibrated monitor here. If you are using an ipad, then you wont see the difference. If you computer is blocking the shadows, it will be a similar case. I like my monitor because it is the best judge.

You see noise issues on your calibrated monitor at base iso. No, you see what you want to see, that's obvious by now, Phiri/Could Be. It has far less shadow noise at base ISO than a 7D and also a good deal less than the D300s. Try to defend your position by stating those have worse noise issues at base ISO.

Really.??? That is something. Comparing the new sensor with sensors of what, four years ago? That is a shame.

A) the Canon sensor is not 4 years old and nothing made by Canon since has been better in this area, with a possible exception of the 5DmkIII (jugement still out).

B) The shadow noise of the A77 is only marginally worse than anything Nikon has brought out too, as displayed even in the Dpreview review by boosting shadows several stops.

That's the point you purposedly ignore and attempt to mold into something else.

I really pray that Nikon dont opt for this sensor. It will be wonderful in 5-8 years time but we are not yet there. Give us 18 as maximum. You can say what you want to say, but your wildlife threads and most revealing. We see how cameras perform in there and I must say the A580 rocks on part of Sony. Good work Sony with the A580!!!! Sad that this all behind you Sony now.

You keep babbling about wildlife threads but despite repeated promises have failed to be specific. Maybe your new troll account wasn't such a bad idea afterall, because this one is polluted with debunked nonsense by now.

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