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Re: _don't remove the AA filter_

GatanoII wrote:

RvPhotoTraveller wrote:

I was under the impression that the anti aliasing filter served to slightly blur the image out at the pixel level - only regular occurring fine patterns cause the Moire effect. in landscape and nature photography that I mostly do these fine regular repeating patterns rarely occur - so a model without an AA filter (3DXe) would be best for my subject matter. However why not offer it with both options aka D800/D800e ?

aliasing is not just about repeating patterns

a missing AA filter causer some sort of "hardware" sharpening on which you have no control and in most cases it causes artifacts

if you want more precise detail you want more resolution, properly sampled, i.e. using an AA filter, than you can sharpen later as much as you want before you start to see unwanted artifacts

a sensor with the proper AA filter just gives correctly sampled images that are not above the Nyquist limit, everything above that is false information and if you want it you can do with software later (or using excessive sharpening in the camera jpg engine)

Why did Nikon offer the D800e option then ? And my do medium format manufacturers eliminate the anti aliasing filter all together ???

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