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Keith Hanlan wrote:

Endos wrote:

stevemark wrote:

Zeiss ZA lenses are calculated by Sony engineers, according to quality standards set by Zeiss, and manufactured at various places in Japan.

If one looks at the cross-sections of Sony/Zeiss ZA lenses, one will see that they closely resemble to the prvious Minolta lenses (eg. ZA 1.4/85mm and Minolta AF 1.4/85mm), and NOT to the Zeiss ZF/ZE lenses! Even lenses that have no direct precedessor in the Minolta line-up (such as the ZA 2/24mm) are following the Minolta design principles.


You are wrong about the design:

I'm not so sure that he is.

Nothing in the following statement that you provided says that Zeiss "lens designers" actually do the design . In fact, anything to do with design is compicuously absent from the list following "This includes....".

I think is clear with the "ZEISS lenses for Sony digital cameras are developed by lens designers at the Carl Zeiss plant in Oberkochen, Germany" statement.

But this has been discussed before, and I remember Iliah Borg saying that ZA lens designs come from Zeiss.

"ZEISS lenses for Sony digital cameras are developed by lens designers at the Carl Zeiss plant in Oberkochen, Germany. This includes all required quality assurance measures (test methods, test criteria, test devices, test procedures, lens performance target values, etc.) The lenses are then made in a lens production facility jointly chosen by Sony and Carl Zeiss. Quality assurance specialists from the Carl Zeiss plant in Oberkochen implement the ZEISS quality assurance system in the chosen facility. Many ZEISS optic measuring systems are installed. Carl Zeiss audits the lens production areas on a regular basis.

All these measures ensure that ZEISS lenses in Sony digital cameras meet the expectations demanding users associate with ZEISS lenses."

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