5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Re: Here's 15 advantages over the MarII for landscape and studio

carlk wrote:

The thing matters most for landscape photographers is how much details the camera can show. Most of the things mentioned by the previous poster don't matter at all when you put the camera on tripod which I don't think he even know.

technic wrote:

are you are landscape photographer? I guess not, because then you would see that most of these improvements are not relevant for landscape work, or so tiny that no one will upgrade because of them.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see."
All of these things he listed are advantages, whether on or off a tripod:
1) better weatherproofing
2) very slightly more resolution (almost insignificant, but real)
3) thinner AA filter yields more and sharper detail per MP (see IR's samples)
4) very slightly better DR and noise at low ISO

5) considerably better DR and noise at higher ISO (e.g., very low light landscapes), yielding faster shutter speeds for moving elements, and somewhat allow shorter intervals between exposures, for HDR

6) greater FPS speed is also good for high light value HDR's, as it can minimize subject movement in between exposures, with shorter intervals between exposures
7) in-camera HDR
8) better auto bracketing options for HDR or just to insure accurate exposures

Unless you're planning on doing HDR hand held that is...
Skip M
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