X-Pro1 first look esohd - quite fair review

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Re: X-Pro1 first look esohd - quite fair review

When you look at the pictures he added, well: I'm not so sure this is even worth to spend a second word on it.

When I ask a random somebody passing in the street to take a picture with my X100, the result will be without any doubt zero. Where is the zoom? How is this AF working? These are typical camera's that are ANYTHING but point and shoot.

The NEX7 has quite some interesting technology on board. But like Sony always does, it's 60% 'wow' and 40% 'why couldn't they do this different?'. The sensor is capable to make very high end pictures. We don't mention the glass (for Sony, lens Q is clearly a side effect, reason why they hired a company called Carl Zeiss to gain some credibility). Nevertheless I consider this to be a camera that perfectly fits in the niche of electronic geeks who like the ergonomics of a mini-space shuttle even for their coffee machine.

The X-Pro1 adheres much more to a traditional photographer-mindset. There's also some 'baroque' in the Fuji user interface, but I still know where to find the shutter speed without consulting the manual. Let's say, for me it has only 10% of 'why couldn't they do this different?'. As such something I welcome very much. Not important for me you cannot shoot another James bond sequel with it. If you want to use a DSLR in a decent set-up to shoot professional footage, you need to multiply the pure camera's value at least by 3 or 5 for the right glass & accessories. This isn't clearly the X--Pro1's mission, neither it is for a NEX-7.

The average between an X-Pro1 and the Leica would be even more ideal. Let's say a Leica with decent ISO-capabilities, live-view and maybe (why not) a new electronic M-fitting with lenses that allows AF. Resolution can perfectly stay what it is now. Last but not least, let it have a price just a tad higher than the X-Pro1. Keep on dreaming.

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