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Re: It's called a PRIMARY.

Leswick wrote:

People who can't see GOP implosion should get their eyesight checked (and then some). Obama can remain on the porch of the WH...without much effort...watching the GOP self destruct.

The writings on the wall are larger than a bus. With millions down the proverbial toilet, all they managed to do is to make the broadcasters more wealthy. I'm thinking that this cash could have been spent in way way better place.

Well, if Berry is a shoe in, will HE spend HIS ill-gotten loot on us little people?

Wouldn't that cash be spent in a way way better place? How about it BHO? You going to open up your stash for your poor base, or are you going to spend as little as possible on re-election and then take the rest home to momma?

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Rethink your last comment.

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