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Great points

lowincash wrote:

Awesome pictures Danny, for your type of photography focus peaking definitely helps a lot. I loved having focus peaking and made using manual focusing on the nex-7 a breeze. I'm surely going to miss it. I hope Olympus will add it to their line up in the future.

At the same time, I'm also excited about their new IBIS. Especially when using longer focal length lenses and using the magnified view so the image does not jump around and shaky while shooting handheld.

Now a days I don't really think there's a bad camera. There's a lot of different choices each tailored to different people and different shooting needs. A lot of us gear junkies want the latest tech and features haha

Totally agree and and a response that makes sense

Peaking was a bonus to the 7's sensor for me. I always presumed it wouldn't work for what i want, but it does. Its all about wants and ifs at the end of the day. You are completely right, now days you have to go a long way to find a bad camera, but its very easy to find a bad shooter.

My gear sits on a tripod or monopod 99.999% of the time, its too darn heavy to hand hold so OIS and IBIS is a waste of time. If I was shooting other lenses and gear, then yes that would be superb to have. Hence Peaking is fantastic to use and especially for nature shots with MF lenses.

Its a catch 22, add peaking into the Oly and it could get very interesting and I'm sure further down the track, thats exactly whats going to happen. I would wait and see what the GH3 does first though. Its a bit like saying, put the NEX-7 sensor in the Oly or GH3, what do we have then !!. That might be an upgrade for the G2 here with a GH3. Then we say why not have IBIS in the NEX, well if they could fit it in, then others would be loving it as well.

So what ever camera works for people, is the best one out there. They are just all different, not right or wrong, just different.

All the best.

m4/3 macro

m4/3 feathered flying gadgets

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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