Quicken 2007 for lion

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Re: Quicken 2007 for lion

Conchita wrote:

Like most quicken/mac users I started using it because it came free with the computer. Can't recall that I ever actually bought the program.

That's too funny, made me think back as to why I started with the program and I bet you're right on target with this. I remember buying Quicken upgrades for my new Macs as I upgraded computers, but why did I start with Quicken in the first place?

So here I am (we are) 16+ years later trying to figure out a good replacement for a program that we began with because of the default position of it being included in the software bundle with the Mac Preforma...or perhaps an even earlier machine.

Thanks for the suggestion of the stop-gap measure, if I'm on Lion and facing next year's accounting this may be the solution.

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