5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Re: 5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

First off, I am only on this board because I am bored. I am not here to troll. I have a Nikon D800 on order and I was a bit disappointed that they went with such a high MP. I shoot weddings and models, the high MP will be a great benefit when shooting models, but I don’t make much money shooting models, I do it more as a hobby. I make my money on weddings, and for this I was hoping for a 12MP sensor with improved AF, higher ISO, and dual memory card slots. Not much really, just perfecting the D700 shortcomings, similar to what Canon did with the 5D Mark III. They targeted pros over hobbyist, which to my understanding, most landscapers are hobbyist, although I know a ton of them. Whether they make money of photography or not, I do know there are many and they do spend. It is not a market to ignore simply because they do not make money from their hobby.

See the link below to see the D800e and the Leica S2, which is a faux MF, actually, since the Pentax 645 is a cropped sensor, it is too. The bank note is different, and they are taken months apart, which probably accounts as to why the Nikon was shot a bit underexposed. But I think it gives you an idea. The D800 is not ideally what I wanted, I had to upgrade my computer to better handle it, but that only cost me $400. Not that much.

I hope I was able to add something to your conversation without starting a flame war between fanboys. Have a good day!


DISCLAIMER: I am a former Canon 20D and 5D Mark I owner that resisted the MP war for many years.

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