5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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MM1 wrote:

bgbs wrote:

Nikon thinks that landscape market is huge, and they produced a landscape camera.

No. Nikon didn't produce "landscape camera". "Landscape camera" would have no internal flash and the AF would be some dinosaur with single-digit number of AF points where only one works so-so.

Nikon created a hi-res FF allrounder (okay, FPS got lower because of the throughput required), now second camera of that type which was missing in Canon's lineup.

Canon only now reacts and brings out its first FF all-rounder, fourteen years after EOS-3. Why they didn't increase MP I don't know and frankly, I don't care - I'm not in for resolution.

the 5D3 is NOT an allrounder, they sacrificed the landscape, nature, travel photographers - exactly the types who will be very happy with the D800. I think Canon is in for a rough ride, and the pre-orders seem to confirm that.

Now maybe I'm wrong, and there are millions of Pro wedding/sports photographers who are all rushing out to buy a 5D3 as soon as it is available, and make sure 5D3 sells in far more volume than that 'amateur' camera from Nikon. But I doubt it ...

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