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1. I'm trading my 1DIV and II bodies for a 5DIII next week. Although I might chicken out and keep the 1DIV, just in case. But on the 22nd I should be learning how to use a new Canon interface after years of 1-series joy.

2. I'm getting off the 1D... train for now. FF and reasonable price for the foreseeable future. By passing on the 1Dx, I've been able to afford the 24mm TS-E II which arrived today and is making me very, very, happy! And very keen to get an FF body on it.

3. Hypotheticals-shmeticals. Really, who gives a damn? But in order to play the game: I doubt I'd buy a 45MP at the moment, since 22MP really is very high resolution, my available printing technology is very happy with the 14MP images from the 1DIV and cropping is not something I ever "plan" to use. Also, my screen resolution (2560x1440 & 1920x1200) means I can see quite a big chunk of my current images at 100%, FWIW.

My livelihood in no way depends on me having "X" megapixels - it depends on me writing reliable, high-performance code and installing resilient systems - so take all this with a grain of salt.

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