How many professional photographers bother with color management?

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Neither you, I nor your teacher have statistics...

to back up any claims. I can tell you my impression is that for folks that get paid to deliver consistent output, color calibration is mission-critical. The sRGB comment is a red herring, IMO, and a red flag for veracity, actually. The final delivered color space, even if its sRGB, could produce (or not) a solid output based on whether each of the steps have been calibrated. Many of the professional printing services accept sRGB and offer printer profiles one can use to generate that sRGB for printing, so the two can't be mutually exclusive.

As to how important color calibration actually is depends on the type of work being performed. I bet you product photographers who must accurately represent their client's merchandise, and that includes color, one would presume, will be keenly interested in solid color management. Artists who are interpreting color and other aspects of the photo may be less inclined to bother, though a calibrated starting point (why I generate custom camera profiles derived from a color chart) may provide them with a more solid foundation.

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