Some initial G1x pics from Singapore

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Re: Some initial G1x pics from Singapore

Marco Nero wrote:

You'd think they were from a DSLR. I really like the first picture which captures the mood of the street at dark. That's one of the nicest pictures I've seen with this camera. Great clarity in all your pictures. Wonderful and important/personal images captured ... how do you find the G1X now that you've spent some time with it?

Marco Nero.

Wow, that's no faint praise indeed considering the fact that it was your excellent pictures, as well as howardroark's, tom hoots' and adamT's (to name a few) that really got me excitied about this camera in the first place!

As for my impressions of the camera, I'd say that to a certain extent, most of the concerns that many people have about it (af-speed, macro capabilities, bulk, battery life, etc) are pretty warranted -- to a certain extent. The G1x has it's limitations, but these are all limitations that CAN be worked around.

Trust me when I say I know limitations as I have used the enigmatic Pentax Optio 750Z for over 6 years prior to my g11/12. Back then it cost a whooping US$700, had a tiny 1.8-inch lcd and a toy-like ovf, abysmal af speeds and shutter lag, and when shooting tif, it took an eye-watering 10 seconds to write a single shot! Facts that my dslr-toting friends were keen to point out.

But somehow, with this little oddity, I constantly shot better pictures then them, and because it went wherever I went, I took TONS of better pictures then they ever did! It became an extention of me and nothing I ever did with it seemed like a chore.

Which is why, to me, the G1x is the perfect camera in spite of all it's limitations. It's the only camera today that has the best possible IQ and feature-set in a package that I can reasonably carry with me absolutely everywhere, and so far, it's been nothing short of brilliant for my purposes.

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