Motor Racing (FZ150)

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Re: Motor Racing (FZ150)

trg1970 wrote:

Nicholas Bell wrote:

Those are really excellent! Thanks for sharing.

Please tell me how you managed that in manual focus - on a single location and then burst shoot as the cars went thru the spot? I can't manage to make use of the manual focus myself - too inexact for my reactions - thus my interest. Thanks.

To get these shots I Prefocused and used Manual Focus. Set the focus selector switch to MF, use the the Focus Button below the switch to AF on a point where you want to take the shot. Follow the car keeping it in frame and take your shot at the point you prefocused on. Following the car on 3/4 pans (car coming towards the camera) is important when you start using slower shutter speeds keeping the camera movement at the same speed as the subject. Will be trying slower shutter speeds next time out as I am getting a ND filter this week. I tried Burst Mode but I prefer to use Single Shot.

This is my second time out with this camera shooting Motor Racing (have shot with dSLR before) so I am still working things out with this camera.

Thanks for that explanation, especially the use of the Focus Button,
that is a really good tool.

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