Here is the announcement by Fujifilm regarding ORBS

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Re: Here is the announcement by Fujifilm regarding ORBS

Phoned the UK Service Centre at 1:25pm got through at 1:30pm so maybe more people are starting to call about the new sensor fix now. Anyway spoke to the guy and he asked whether I'd updated the firmware, asked what camera modes I used, then asked for my details, camera serial number etc and informed me the sensor won't be ready until May (which we know) but when the new sensors arrive at the UK Service Centre packaging will be sent out and the repair replacement undertaken. I also have a slightly loose viewfinder cover that I mentioned and just to make a note of that and this will also be looked it (it's bugged me since I bought the camera but not enough to send it off for repair but now it's going in anyway will kill two birds with one stone)

So far the orbs really only affect me when I've taken photos of cars or metallic objects with a light source reflecting of it. The reflection comes out as a white orb and while in some cases I do need to zoom in to see it should not be like thar. I also want to use the camera at some upcoming gigs and feel the lights (I've tested the camera on street lights and the orb is very noticable) will just come out as hard white dots and spoil the look of the photo (based on other cameras (fuji ones) they should not have such hard edges to the orb. I'm not going to bash Fujifilm over this, I love the camera and think its a lovely bit of kit and have every faith that the revised sensor will fix the issue and keep the same if not better IQ. The redesigned sensor may even be the one they are working on to put in the X11 if they have one which I imagine they will. I use both the X100 and X10 and hope to for a good number of years!!

I am happy with Fujifilms actions they are taking, they are fixing the issue and can't ask for more than that.

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