5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Here's 15 advantages over the MarII for landscape and studio

As I haven't read all the replies on this thread, I don't know if posters have mentioned the following items as changes found in the 5DIII that will benefit landscape and/or studio shooters. Here's 15 advantages, just off the top of my head, but keep in mind that some of the following will apply more to one type of shooter (landscape/studio) than the other:

1) better weatherproofing
2) very slightly more resolution (almost insignificant, but real)
3) thinner AA filter yields more and sharper detail per MP (see IR's samples)
4) very slightly better DR and noise at low ISO

5) considerably better DR and noise at higher ISO (e.g., very low light landscapes), yielding faster shutter speeds for moving elements, and somewhat allow shorter intervals between exposures, for HDR

6) greater FPS speed is also good for high light value HDR's, as it can minimize subject movement in between exposures, with shorter intervals between exposures
7) in-camera HDR
8) better auto bracketing options for HDR or just to insure accurate exposures

9) new software options in DPP to improve or correct both lens and sensor performance from raw files, yielding better and sharper images per MP overall
10) new GPS options
11) better ergonomics
12) better menus
13) better video for those who want to explore that option
14) better and more varied storage options due to dual memory card feature
15) better autofocus in low light, and probably all levels of lighting

And, were I to spend some time thinking about it, I probably could come up with a few more advantages, as well.

Keep learning; share knowledge; think seriously about outcomes; seek wisdom.

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