Which lenses will resolve 36mp? Which will struggle?

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You seem a bit stuck in one view ...

CriticalI wrote:

It is about the size you want to PRINT. 36MP should allow you to print LARGER. If your lens cannot handle larger prints then all the discussion about resolution is pointless.

If larger print sizes is the only use of higher MP you can imagine, then ...

a) You have a very narrow minded view on photography in general and image quality in particular
b) a few years from now you will need to buy a Very Large printer ...

No, by buying a 36 MP camera you make sure to get as much as possible from your lenses: crappy, average or good, they will all gain from it.

Completely overstated and wholly misleading. You seem to be caught up in some kind of D800 inspired rapture.

No, I don't even have any plans on buying one. Might pick up a used D3s later this summer

But I am not caught up in the hyper-nervous anexiety over moderate increases in resolution either. Unlike some other posters ...

No, putting cheap glass on a D800 mean utilizing that glass more then before. Look, we are still sensor limited not lens limited . We have a long way to go on the MP scale (think three digits) before we can truly start to say lenses are the limiting factor. We are nowhere near that yet. 36 MP is not all that much resolution.

Rubbish. Many lenses I own show significant flaws even when I try printing at A3.

Yes, and with more resolution you can more precisely correct for some of those flaws. Not a bad thing.

Poor lenses will not help make bigger prints it will just expose their other primary flaws even more, and I don't mean their resolution. Do you have any idea how easy it is to spot a decentered lens in an A2 print that's barely visible in an A4 one? Or a focus shift of 2cm in a portrait at wide apertures?

You seem completely stuck in the view that the only possible use of higher resolution is to print bigger . For the rest of us, with a less narrow minded view on megapixels, higher resolution is also a great vehicle to get better quality at the same print sizes .

As usual this is a pointless navel gazing DPReview forum discussion about theory, not practice leading to completely false generalisations based on fact taken entirely out of context.

I am not particularily interested in theory, unless it helps me understand practical photography. All I have argued here is based on practical photography and from practical observations I have done myself (they are easy enough to do if you can borrow a few cameras).

Try borrowing a Nikon J1/V1 with a FT-1 adapter and try some of you lenses on that combo. That is like shooting with a 73 MP FX camera and I belive you will be surprised on what you will see.

I plan to buy a D800, but not for one minute will I be buying economy grade lenses for it, with the possible exception of the 50F1.8G.

Well, that is entirely up to you. But I argue you are making a hen out of a feather here. You are blowing up something who is not really a problem to something big and scary. It is not. It is just a moderate increase in sensor resolution from a very low starting point. Big deal.

Stop kidding yourself.

Again, right back you

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